Welcome to the AAC Puppy School

We have compiled all of our favorite puppy training articles and guides all in one place for your convenience!

We strongly encourage seeking professional classes, if only at first, with your newly adopted puppy.

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In the meantime, we hope that these articles and guides will help you and your puppy develop a life long and successful partnership.

How Does My Puppy Learn by John Rogerson

John Rogerson, founder and principal lecturer of the Northern Center for Canine Behavior is now widely acclaimed as the world’s leading dog trainer and behaviorist, having pioneered the majority of techniques that have now become standard practice in behavior therapy and training.


Potty Training 101

Potty training is not so hard after all! Check out this easy to read and understand article all about house training.

Crate Training 101

Crate or kennel training is a great way to help your new dog with house training, insecurities, boundaries and structure.

A Step by Step Guide to Teaching your Puppy or Dog with Zak George

Trainer Zak George has provided a step by step guide on teaching your puppy (or new dog) all of the basics.