Old Bill's Fun Run 2016

How it works

First, Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill donate $500,000 to the match. The Community Foundation then solicits additional matching contributions from donors called Co-Challengers. Co-Challengers donate at five levels: Diamond ($100,000), Platinum ($75,000), Gold ($50,000), Silver ($35,000) and Bronze ($25,000).
Next, qualified local nonprofit organizations raise money from donors. Gifts are made to the Community Foundation by a donor on behalf of a local charity or charities. Nonprofits can raise as much money as they wish, of which the Community Foundation matches the first $25,000. They still receive 100% of donor contributions in excess of $25,000, but that money is not matched.

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Giving Period for Old Bill’s Fun Run 2016 is August 1st – September 16th, 2016.

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