270 East Broadway Jackson, Wyoming

The Animal Adoption Center

Saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education, and spay/neuter.

Dog Town

Kitty City

The animals need a new home before they find their forever homes.  A place where they feel safe.  A place where they can heal.  A place where they can learn to trust again.  A place where they can relax and play.  A place where they will meet that special person who will give them the love they deserve.

Introducing the new Animal Adoption Center. A warm, light-filled space. Modest in size, but state-of-the-art. Two blocks from the historic Jackson Town Square. Where people and animals can get to know each other.

We launched a $1.5 million Capital Campaign to fund our land purchase and construction costs. We had an overwhelming response from the community.   Our building is finished and we have no mortgage.  Of course we still rely 100% on donations to fund our programs, and now every dollar we raise can go directly toward executing our mission instead of paying rent.  Owning our own facility will secure the Animal Adoption Center’s future for many years to come.

Dog Town

Dog Town will house 6-8 dogs at a time, in a relaxed and calming setting. During the day the dogs available for adoption can be found napping and playing in comfortable enclosures or romping with friends in the doggy play yard. The dogs stay at the AAC only during hours of operation. Dogs are fostered on a nightly basis and on Sundays and Mondays when the AAC is closed. Fostering makes for well-adjusted pets, and it allows the AAC to provide potential adopters with important information about each pet’s particular likes and dislikes within a home environment.

Kitty City

This free-roaming environment provides indoor comfort and allows the cats to have access to a screened outside area. These two rooms supply a welcoming and comfortable transition for cats who are available for adoption. Kitty City is also a great place for potential adopters to meet with each cat individually and to experience each cat’s personality in a friendly environment.

Donate to the Animal Adoption Center

We have reached completion of the new Animal Adoption Center.  On May 26, 2015 the 270 East Broadway location opened its’ doors for the first time.  The cats and dogs have seemed to fully embrace their new home and have enjoyed playing in the fully turfed dog yard and exploring all the various ledges and runways in Kitty City.  A lot of the materials and fixtures you will see in this building were provided at cost – or in many case for free. Many companies donated their expertise and services to this project.  This outpouring of generosity just shows how much the community supports our mission to save the lives of homeless animals and find them permanent homes!