Training Program

While dogs wait for their forever homes here at the Animal Adoption Center, they receive bi-weekly training from our certified dog trainer, Eva Perrigo. During the bi-weekly training sessions, Eva Perrigo assesses each dog and addresses whatever they may need help with. This training ranges from basic commands to overcoming bigger behavioral hurdles. Not only do the skills learned through the training program help each dog become more adoptable but they provide the adopters with the right tools for successful pet ownership. We also provide training vouchers to dogs that may need a little extra help, first time pet owners or puppies.

Thanks to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole for funding this training program and making this possible through 2018!

Training Resources

Star Dog

Eva Perrigo, CTC, Certified Trainer and Behavior Counselor. (307)-222-3662

Jackson Hole Positive Training


Trail Creek Pet Center

Boarding, Grooming & Training, 208-354-2571

The Inner Pup

Lindsay Goldring, Professional Trainer, 773-929-9990

For Happy Cats

Sonja Dietrich Feline care/Behavioral specialist 307-315-3117



Training and Behavior Library

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A great guide for adopted adult dogs and some great resources for refreshing yourself on training and behavior in adult dogs.

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