Meet our team

Carrie Boynton


Originally from Cincinnati, Carrie grew up in a house full of rescue dogs and cats.  After graduating from Colorado State University, she moved to Jackson with her first rescue dog, Keto.  Carrie worked at the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole from 2002-2006, where she was Director of Special Projects and Events.  Her primary focus was organizing Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities.  In 2006, Carrie became Executive Director of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club.  In her nine years there, Carrie increased enrollment in Ski Club by 40%, increased annual scholarship awards by more than ten-fold, and led numerous capital and program expansion campaigns.  Over the years, Carrie has adopted two AAC graduates; her dog Cobia and Jake Kitty.  Carrie is excited to combine her passion for non-profit work with her deep belief in animal rescue, adoption, education, and spay/neuter.

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Jenna Martin


Born and raised in Jackson Hole, Jenna gained a deep appreciation for the environment and animals of all shapes and sizes at a young age. After attending Jackson Hole High School, Jenna went on to graduate from University of Hawai’i Manoa with a BA in Biology in 2014. While in grad school at University of Colorado Denver, pursuing Environmental Sciences, Jenna volunteered at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO. Since being back in Jackson for good, Jenna has been spending her free time volunteering at the AAC since 2015, enjoying the beautiful outdoors and traveling the world. Helping animals is one of Jenna’s lifelong dreams.

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Virginia Faulkner-Monks


Virginia was born and raised in Sandpoint Idaho where she spent her childhood growing up on a small family sheep farm with all kinds of creatures. Between the sheep, donkey, llamas, horses, goats, chickens and many rescued dogs and cats, she grew up loving animals of all shapes and sizes. Virginia attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and then Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington where she graduated in 2015 with a BA in Outdoor and Community Recreation. She loves rehoming rescued animals into their forever homes and working to make the regional community better for animals and their humans. You can find Virginia out on the bike trails and the ski slopes enjoying all that Jackson has to offer!

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Paige Johnston


Another Jackson local, Paige grew up in the valley loving everything outdoors from backcountry skiing in the winters to mountain biking in the summers. The one thing she loves more than the outdoors is animals, especially dogs! After attending the Jackson Hole High School, Paige went on to graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a BA in Psychology and a minor certificate in Spanish. Moving back to Jackson in 2016 and eager to work with pups and their owners, Paige started her own dog walking and sitting business. Paige’s passion for dogs, cats and her community made it easy for her to find her place at the Animal Adoption Center

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Lily Wade


Lily Wade is an aspiring animal hoarder. Her love for animals and lots of them came naturally, growing up in a home full of dogs and one Boss Cat that lived to be 19 years old. If she didn’t live under the domineering regime of her unreasonable mother, Lily would have far more animals at her home than the mere 5 dogs and 5 chickens that she currently has. In fact, she only has the chickens because of an elaborate ruse where she convinced her parents that she needed to build a chicken coop as a school project. Lily has volunteered at the AAC since 2014. She began by walking dogs and cleaning cages during her family vacations to Jackson, and, once they moved to Jackson full-time, Lily quickly became a regular at the shelter during the summer and on Saturdays. When Lily is not cleaning cat boxes (or otherwise saving animal lives), she attends high school at the Mountain Academy.

Delford Hill


Delford Hill, aka The Dogfather, began working at the Animal Adoption Center when it was first established in 2004. Delford is a CES employee and enjoys snowshoeing, playing soccer, dancing to Elvis and watching old movies in his free time.

Kate Brogan


Originally from Iowa, Kate came to Wyoming in 2007 with plans to spend one season as a tour guide with a local sled dog operation. 14 years later she is still excited to call Jackson home! From the youngest age, animals have been her biggest love. She wrangled horses in exchange for riding time, fostered pets of all kinds and spent countless hours at the local shelter. She helped with the feral spay/neuter program in the Chicago area and volunteered with a wildlife rehabilitation center while living in Florida. It’s a lifelong dream to be able to assist animals in finding their homes with such a successful program as the Animal Adoption Center. The best part of her day is helping cats, dogs and the people that love them. When not at the Center you can find her on the river, playing with ponies or exploring this beautiful area with her dog Mr. Bunny.

Dr. Heather Carleton


Dr. Heather Carleton first moved to Jackson, Wyoming in 1989 to work at a guest ranch and soon fell in love with the area. In 2001, Dr. Carleton graduated from Colorado State University’s veterinary school; she then continued on with a medical and surgical internship in Bend, Oregon that was completed the following year. In 2008 and 2009, Dr. Carleton volunteered in Asia to help Soi Dog, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the street dogs of Thailand. In 2010, the Humane Society International sponsored Dr. Carleton to travel to Bhutan to assist with their countrywide spay/neuter effort – an effort in which over 50,000 surgeries were performed in a 3-year period. In 2009, Dr. Carleton started up the Spay/Neuter Wyoming program for low-income families in need of assistance. Heather is the proud parent of Mah Di, a three-legged Thai dog who traveled back from Thailand with her after her first visit there.

Kristie Wade


After receiving a BA at the University of Texas and a MA from Louisiana State University Kristie worked in Texas as a high school English teacher, eventually returning to school herself to complete a MEd from the University of Houston. On the verge of completing her PhD in psychology, the responsibilities of motherhood eventually crushed her career hopes and dreams. Seeking fulfillment in other areas, Kristie became involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors, one of which led to her joining the board of directors at Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston, Texas, of which she has been a member since 2010. Prior to moving to Jackson in 2015, Kristie became involved with many local organizations and now that she lives in Jackson year-round, she has joined the Board of Directors of both the Animal Adoption Center and Teton Science School. In spite of multiple family allergies, the Wades have had a cat, and a plethora of rescue hound dogs. Kristie lives on the Westbank with her family and their pack of ill-behaved juvenile delinquent hounds. If you are walking your dog along the levee and you hear excessive barking coming from one of the nearby homes, you’re probably at Kristie’s home.

Patrick Trucco


Patrick Trucco first came to Wyoming in 1966 when his mother Anni Trucco Magnuson brought her seven children to Wilson and had the foresight to purchase land. Hearing that a ski area was soon to open the family built their home and spent summer and winter vacations in Wilson. In 1975 they made Wyoming their permanent home, Patrick worked on many local ranches and businesses throughout the valley for many years.

Patrick’s interest in Teton county began after graduating from college when he was a volunteer at the C-V ranch and coached in the special Olympics. While employed as a ski instructor for Pepi Steigler, until a career in the financial industry called him to Chicago. It continued upon his return to living in Teton county where he currently serves on the board of the Animal Adoption center, St John’s hospital foundation and Teton Literacy. As well as helping with other local charities including the Dick Jennings memorial run where RMB is an anchor sponsor.

Patrick’s family is still active in Teton county and throughout Wyoming, with four generations living in Wyoming Patrick is committed to preserving and developing the quality of life and opportunities for current residents and future generations. Patrick is a Vice President for RMB capital, a wealth management firm with who assists many families in achieving long term financial independence.

Tiffany Smith


Tiffany has been involved in animal rescue since 2014. Starting with building a public adoption center in Oklahoma, she recruited a number of loyal adopters from a non-profit and no-kill rescue, Pet Angels Rescue, to assist in the construction and completion of the center. Tiffany earned her BS degree in Business Administration, Marketing & Management at Missouri Southern State University. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing and in the operation of tax exempt, public and private companies. Tiffany and her family have adopted 10 amazing dogs, 4 mini ponies and a mini dwarf pony, 7 rescue horses, 2 mini donkeys, a goat and her two babies and one pot-bellied pig. They are all living their best life!

Katrina Ryan


Katrina was born and raised in Wyoming and has lived in Jackson since 1988. She attended Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT and then went on to attend University of Colorado in Boulder where she graduated with a BA in Psychology. She then moved to NYC where she lived for 5 years and worked for various fashion houses in Public Relations. She and her husband moved home to Jackson in 2006 and now have 3 kids, 3 dogs, and a hamster. They also own Aspen’s Market, Pearl Street Market, Westside Wine, Sudachi, Suda and Square One Construction. Katrina has been a long time supporter and adopter at the Animal Adoption Center and has dedicated her life to non-profit work since having kids. She has been a board member of Miss Porter’s School, Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association, The Raptor Center, R Park, Weiss Family Foundation and she currently serves on the Community Foundation, the Community Foundation Competitive Grants Committee, The Raptor Center Capitol Campaign, Board Chair of the Art Association, the Weiss Foundation and now the Animal Adoption Center. She also founded Jackson Hole Food and Wine to bring amazing chefs and vintners to Jackson for two festivals a year. Most importantly, Katrina likes animals more than people.

Alex Dawson


Alex Dawson moved to Jackson Hole in 2006 following several years in New York City and Chicago. After graduating from Princeton University with a B.A. in English Literature, Alex went on to have a career in documentary film and television production. Her work has been seen on networks including PBS, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, Discovery Channel and CNBC.

She and her husband, Greg Gricus, co-directed the award-winning film, “Wild Horse, Wild Ride,” which tells the story of horse trainers who work with wild mustangs to get them adopted out of federal corrals. Alex has a passion for animal rescue which began in her childhood, taking in strays and convincing her parents to make them part of her family. She has produced several videos which tell the story of the life-saving work of the Animal Adoption Center. In addition to the Animal Adoption Center, Alex sits on the board of Teton Literacy Center. She is the proud adopter of beloved Saint Bernard mix and AAC alumnus, Quincy, as well as Whiskey, her accidental tabby cat who, wisely, arrived on her family’s doorstep in 2012 and never left.

Liz Brimmer


Liz Brimmer loves dogs, horses, cats — and humans whose lives are changed everyday because an animal strenthened their hearts. A proud Wyoming native and resident of Jackson for more than two decades, Liz and her husband George say their three AAC adoptions – Hero, Brisket and Duke – have been among their best decisions to date. Liz is passionate about enabling more rescues between the Wind River Indian Reservation/Fremont County area and Jackson. She works hard and is busy in her active consulting business, but Liz will always find time and room if she can to give your future forever dog or cat a ride to JH.

Jodi Livingood


Pet-lover, volunteer, and enthusiast, Jodi Livingood has a lifelong passion and drive for improving the lives of animals. She grew-up in Ogden, Utah, where she worked side-by-side with her husband growing their family business into a national company. Twenty-three years ago, she and her family moved to Wyoming and quickly fell in love with this special place and community. She has keen interest in solving life’s unsolvable mysteries, but settles for being a tub-thumper, supporter, and tireless advocate for her family and the many causes she holds dear. Jodi lives in Wilson, Wyoming, along the Snake River with her husband and son, mischievous dogs, diabolical cats, and an excess of moose, elk, deer, swans, and all things fowl.

Dr. Joe Wienman


Joe was born and raised in Dixon, Illinois and he dawdled around the Midwest for 29 years before finding his way to Jackson in 2016. He attended Butler University in Indianapolis (GO DAWGS!) where he graduated with a BS in Biology. An enthusiast of wildlife and ecology, Joe attended veterinary school at the University of Illinois with the idea of working in the fields of conservation and wildlife medicine. Plans change, of course, and Joe found himself enjoying clinical practice. He graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 and began working as a small animal veterinarian in Bloomington, Indiana.

In 2016, the opportunity to join Jackson Animal Hospital arose. Joe and his wife, Kate, along with their Australian Shepherd, Taggart, relocated to Jackson. While saddened by the absence of corn fields and Chicago-style hot dogs, they are incredibly happy to call Jackson their home. Since moving here, they have also welcomed two more critters to their family – a dog named Bivvy and a human named Finn.

Joe has worked closely with the Animal Adoption Center as a veterinarian and co-owner of Jackson Animal Hospital. He also serves on the Teton Raptor Center’s Advisory Council. His love for fly fishing, beer brewing, coffee roasting, and the promotion of the human-animal bond abounds.