Ashley Cadwalader


Ashley was born and raised in Northern Virginia on a small horse farm with all sorts of animals. Her parents would regularly take in the random stray dog – amounting to a lively home where there would be up to 8 dogs at a time. Since moving to Jackson, she and her husband Henry have rescued two cats, Casper and Cache and a hound Boone. In addition to rescuing animals, Ashley and Henry are raising two young boys—Jack and Wells.

In her professional life, Ashley manages a boutique interior design business here in town where she is at the helm of operations, human resources, finances and community engagement. While she doesn’t consider herself a designer, she does dabble in the design from time to time and loves the creative process of designing a space.

Before moving to Jackson, Ashley graduated from the University of Tennessee with a dual major in supply chain management and marketing. The first 10 years of her career were spent at various non profits in development and event planning. In 2016, Ashley graduated with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a focus in nonprofit management from Villanova University.