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Meet Baby! Baby joined us from our Spring Spay/Neuter Clinic on the Wind River Reservation. She was a stray dog and the people that found her were not able to keep her.


Meet Moneta! Let us tell you about Moneta! She is AWESOME and makes her voice known in the room. Yes she is old, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t young at heart!!

Quirky, Goofy, Clumsy, Playful, Zoomy, Gentle, and Happy Alastor

Alastor/Al (formerly Bubba, Goofy, or Wink depending on who you asked) came from Star Valley, ID where he was shot numerous times with a BB gun. Two of the pellets were lodged in his right eye, his body was covered in wounds and scars, and he was emaciated. The first photo here is pre-eye-removal surgery […]

10 Months Later, My Cats Are Friends!

It took 10 months for my cats to become friends and it was worth the wait! One year ago, my cat, Bobby, passed away unexpectedly from a birth defect. She left behind her sister, Chara. Chara and Bobby were best friends. They hunted mice together all night and snuggled together on the couch all day. […]

Common Naughty Cat Behaviors and How To Fix Them

Picture this, you adopted a new cat who you love and adore, but after a few months, he/she starts some destructive behavior…peeing outside the litter box and scratching your furniture. At first, you think it’s okay, but a few weeks later, you are very annoyed. We are here to help! Try these methods to stop […]

Introducing A New Cat To Your Home

Introducing A New Cat To Your Home First, congratulations on your new furry friend! Your new cat has SO much love to give and he/she can’t wait to share that love with you. Second, thank you for providing a home for a cat in need. Your cat is so lucky to have you! At the […]

A year of couch cuddles and adventures with Hattie

We’re coming up on one year with Hattie (formerly Penelope), and in the spirit of counting our blessings, we felt moved to write about the amazing first year she’s had in her forever home. Even though we weren’t the first or even the second family on the waiting list to adopt her, we think she […]

How To Be A Good Neighbor (With A Dog)

The Animal Adoption Center values responsibility and respect within the Jackson community, especially at dog friendly communal spaces. Our goal is to keep Jackson the dog heaven that it is!