Bala’s story begins when she ended up in the @landerpetconnection program with puppies. Unfortunately her time before winding up in the shelter system is unknown. Her and her six puppies were our first residents in the Puppy Palace @askasanimals. Once the puppies were weaned and ready to find their forever homes we got Bala in for her spay appointment, hoping she would find her family shortly after. The wonderful team @jacksonanimalhospital found some “quarter-size” holes in the palate of her mouth that connected to her sinus cavity. While she was under she had multiple infected teeth pulled and there was an attempt to cover these gaping wounds. Her fate was unknown because if these holes could not be repaired, she would not be able to lead a normal life without infection and pain. Thanks to the Nightingale Fund, we got Bala into a specialist in Bozeman (Montana Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery) and they were confident they could reconstruct her palate. Through additional X-rays and exams it was clear that Bala’s injury was gun inflicted and bullet fragments were left behind. This news shattered all of our hearts but knew she was in good hands. Dr. Woodward performed a successful surgery and traveled back to @askasanimals for recovery. We are happy to report that she is fully healed and ready to finally find her forever home.
Although Bala’s story is heart-breaking, we are so thankful that we had the resources through the Nightingale Fund to get her the specialized care that she needed. Thank you to everyone who has played a role in her story! #ittakesavillage
Bala is good with kids, dogs, and cats (no chickens). She is a special girl and we will be looking for an extra special family for her. Feel free to reach out to learn more! 🐶🐾💙
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Vaccinations up to date, microchipped, spayed / neutered

Recovering from mouth surgery

Cats, dogs & humans

No chickens


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  • Foster the dog locally for at least one night prior to adopting.
  • Proceed with adoption after all references/landlords have been contacted and overall application have been approved. Adoption fee is $225 which includes the spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations and routine care during their stay here. If you are an out of state adopter, we cannot guarantee vaccinations to be included in the adoption fee.
  • After adoption you will enter a two-week trial period to insure that this is indeed the right fit!

Please note, Animal Adoption Center cannot guarantee the breed, composition or ages of our dogs as we usually have no history prior to them entering the rescue. We make every effort to ensure the dogs are healthy. Our intention is to insure long lasting committed homes for the animals at the AAC. If we feel that an animal and a potential owner are not a good fit we reserve the right to refuse adoption.

September 8, 2021


September 7, 2021