Dog Training and Behavior

Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution

Zak George is a positive relationship and reward based trainer that offers personalized advice and an enormous library of online videos.

Creative Dog Training Podcasts

The Creative Dog Training Team combines decades of experience training dogs, with a passion for psychology (both dog and people), behavioral study and the latest in media and technology.

Adopting a Dog--Before Adoption

What you should know BEFORE adopting your new dog by Judit Arroyo

Welcoming Your Newly Adopted Dog Home

Adopting a dog is a wonderful experience, and we hope to keep it that way by providing you with some helpful tips that we have learned through the years of how to set your new dog up for success!

Separation Anxiety

The ASPCA has put together an in-depth article on how to deal with separation anxiety in dogs.

Crate Training 101


Crate training is a wonderful tool to have.  Dogs, as instinctual denning animals, feel comfort in the confines and safety of their crate, i.e. den.


Leaving Your Dog Alone

Its always nerve wracking leaving your dog home for the first time or even first few times!  Here is a quick article with a few tips on leaving your dog home alone.


Living with Kids and Dogs

This is our favorite website about dog and kid interactions, Colleen Pelar, is the guru on this topic and is extremely knowable and relatable!

Dog Body Language

Dog body language chart.

How to greet dogs for kids and adults!

Chart showing you how to greet dogs properly!

How kids should NOT interact with dogs

How children should interact with dogs, a cartoon guide.

How kids SHOULD interact with dogs

How children should interact with dogs, a cartoon guide.


Dog Warning Signs

This is a great easy to understand visual guide for monitoring your dogs body language around your kids.


A Parent's Guide to Bite Prevention by Colleen Pelar

This is a great article that every parent should read.


Kids, Dogs & Responsibility by Colleen Pelar

Is your family ready for a dog?



Dog Feeding Guide

Pet Place Plus has provided us with a great feeding guide for your dog!