Kitkat is 3 year old, male, mixed breed who is approximately 40lbs. He is an eager young dog looking for guidance in his life. He is good with other dogs as long as he is properly introduced and not threatened. Maybe, he previously had poor expereinces with dogs, but they make him nervous. And his response is to get snappy and not run away when he is scared. Kitkat is working on basic manner and impulse control and learning that he can’t always get exactly what he wants when he wants it. Patience, dear grasshopper, patience. Speaking of a grasshopper, Kitkat is athletic, bouncy and enjoys nature. He is not good with livestock or small animals, including cats. The temptation to chase is too great for him and that leads us to wonder if he has some sight-hound mixed into him. He is currently on Prozac to help with anxiety and he is building confidence every day. He plays with dogs and is learning that social settings aren’t so scary after all. He would thrive as the only dog in the household so that his human(s) can dedicate the time needed to help make him comfortable in this big world. If there is another dog in the house, his need for downtime and personal space would need to be managed and no dog bones lying around, please. He likes to claim those all of himself and can be a little rude about sharing. Kitkat has been with a child and poses no threat other than being very excited about life so young children risk being knocked over. Kitkat really enjoys laying on the couch after a day of skiing and watching movies and eating popcorn that you drop between the cushions.

  • Adult - 3 years old
  • Male
  • Medium Size
  • Brindle


Vaccinations up to date, microchipped, spayed / neutered


  • Fill out a dog adoption application. We form our line based on who has an active application in with us.
  • Foster the dog locally for at least one night prior to adopting.
  • Proceed with adoption after all references/landlords have been contacted and overall application have been approved. Adoption fee is $225 which includes the spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations and routine care during their stay here. If you are an out of state adopter, we cannot guarantee vaccinations to be included in the adoption fee.
  • After adoption you will enter a two-week trial period to insure that this is indeed the right fit!

Please note, Animal Adoption Center cannot guarantee the breed, composition or ages of our dogs as we usually have no history prior to them entering the rescue. We make every effort to ensure the dogs are healthy. Our intention is to insure long lasting committed homes for the animals at the AAC. If we feel that an animal and a potential owner are not a good fit we reserve the right to refuse adoption.

February 17, 2021