The AAC has successfully saved and re-homed over 3,500 animals over the past 15 years with help from volunteers, fosters, donors and everyone in between. In hopes to hear from our alumni from 2004-2019, we are launching a blog where people can submit their journey through adoption! If you wish to participate, feel free to follow the button “Submit A Blog” to submit your story! All the submissions will be posted somewhere periodically through the year. Our intentions are to use these stories to post on social media, use in newsletters and share with our followers. Everyone involved at the AAC really invests in these animals and we cannot wait to update people that maybe once met the dog on a walk or connected with a cat in Kitty City.
What we need from you is just a short(ish) story about your adoptee and an update on his/her life since getting adopted. Feel free to get creative, add their backstory, reminisce on your favorite memories, explain what made you adopt, etc. (anything you would want to read on a blog) and don’t forget to add some cute photos! You can even make it a family bonding project to put together a little synopsis of your four-legged friend(s).