Jack is a 9 year old heeler mix who was owner surrendered to the Star Valley shelter in October of 2017. The people who surrendered him said he had lived outside for his whole life. They would leave him tied up in the backyard through all conditions. They no longer wanted to deal with him, so they brought him to the shelter.

Since Jack is a heeler, he has a high drive to be active. When we visited Star Valley to pull dogs, you would notice him running back and forth in his small pen and throwing his water bowl in the air. He was trying to keep himself entertained any way he could. We decided to bring Jack to the AAC and transferred him here on 2/8/18. He immediately calmed down and we began to see his true personality.

We immediately noticed a large sore on his front paw. Often, we see sores on animals that have been in kennels for long periods of time, but we wanted to make sure it wasn’t something more serious. We took him straight to Dr. Joe at Jackson Animal Hospital. Joe was very suspicious of the sore and we decided to biopsy the tissue and send it for examination. Joe was concerned that it could be a cancerous growth on his toe.

Meanwhile, a wonderful couple that had recently lost their own dog decided they wanted to start fostering. Vicky and Adam felt very moved by Jack’s story and started fostering him. They fostered him every night during his 16-day stay at the AAC while we all patiently waited for his toe biopsy results to come back. While we waited for his biopsy results to come back, Jack made himself right at home with Vicky and Adam and started working his way into their hearts with his sweet disposition and cuddly nature.

Finally Jack’s biopsy results came back and we were all so happy to find out that he didn’t have cancer! Lucky for Jack his foster parents had already decided that no matter the results they couldn’t think of giving Jack back to us. On February 23rdhis adoption was made official and Jack officially joined Vicky and Adam as a member of their family!



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February 27, 2018