Mopsy (Bonsai)

Mopsy, now named Bonsai, was found during our October 2017 spay and neuter clinic on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Bonsai was wrapped in rusty wire and covered in matts, fleas and dog puncture wounds. It appeared he hadn’t been fed or given water in days. We took him into our care and he immediately began his transformation. Bonsai was groomed, given plenty of nutrition and was in foster care where he probably slept indoors for the first time in his life. He began as a dog that was fighting to live and within a week he became a happy go-lucky-pupy that started to play, became very patient with all the dogs he came across and learned his basic manners! A heart-wrenching story with a happy ending that just confirms why we do what we do here at the AAC.


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November 1, 2017