Wrinkles is a 5-year-old shar-pei/lab mix who was saved from certain death in northern Montana by a wonderful woman who took her into her home. She had been abandoned by her owner after most likely spending her entire life confined to a metal cage and forced to have litter after litter of puppies. When the AAC received Wrinkles, she needed eye surgery to treat entropion, a condition in which the eyelashes grow inward, scratching the eyes. Wrinkles had massive hair loss when she was first found, and irritated skin all over her body; it was obvious that she had been in that condition for quite some time. To make matters worse, she also had an old injury to her hind leg, most likely from being hit by a car. A lifetime of breeding and neglect was written all over her sad face. Wrinkles has thoroughly enjoyed every step of her healing process, displaying nothing short of a perfect demeanor. She is gentle, forgiving, extremely affectionate, and radiates happiness and gratitude every day. Wrinkles found the most amazing and loving home in Jackson!