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The Animal Adoption Center is a 501(c)3 animal rescue dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals.

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The AAC is a nonprofit animal rescue organization. Your donation will support our rescue and adoption programs, educational initiatives, and our spay/neuter program. Together we can make a difference.

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If you are looking to adopt an animal we have a variety of dogs and cats who are seeking new loving homes.  Check out the available animals, your best friend is waiting!


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As a nonprofit, we couldn’t survive without our volunteers, who provide care to animals and help with cleaning, administrative support, and more. You can be a part of our life-saving work.


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It's Hip To Snip

Millions of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America due to overcrowding in animal shelters. At the AAC, we are committed to solving the problem of pet overpopulation.  Read more…

Hurricane Harvey: Flight For Life

Flight For Life: Animal Adoption Center, Dog Is My CoPilot & H…

We teamed up with Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. and San Antonio Pets Alive to help the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey on October 6th, 2017. As we all know, Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and put all the Southern shelters in distress, desperate for help. All of the animals that were transported to the Animal Adoption Center were shelter residents prior to these devastating storms. Not only did this give second chances to these animals but this made more space for pets directly effected by these hurricanes in hopes that they would be reunited to their families! This was our second flight from Hurricane Harvey, totaling to 23 animals in new homes!

This is just one of MANY examples that show exactly how your generous donations can be used at the Animal Adoption Center and Dog Is My CoPilot!

New Adoption Center

Introducing the new Animal Adoption Center. A warm, light-filled space.
Modest in size, but state-of-the-art. Two blocks from the historic Jackson Town Square.
Where people and animals can get to know each other.  Read more…

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The Animal Adoption Center is dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals through rescue, adoption, education and spay/neuter.