Our Facility

270 E. Broadway
Jackson, Wyoming

The Animal Adoption Center located at 270 East Broadway in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, two blocks from the historic Town Square, is fortunate to own the purpose-built facility completed in 2015. Complete with seven kennels, three turfed yards, a cat quarantine room and multiple areas for free-roaming cat living space, the AAC team is forever grateful for those who made this a possibility. This outpouring of generosity just shows how much the community supports our mission to save the lives of homeless animals and find them permanent homes!

Dog Town

Dog Town will house 6-8 dogs at a time, in a relaxed and calming setting. During the day the dogs available for adoption can be found napping and playing in comfortable enclosures or romping with friends in the doggy play yard. The dogs stay at the AAC only during hours of operation. Dogs are fostered on a nightly basis and if they are not with a potential adopter they are spending their time with amazing volunteer foster families. Not only does this tremendously help the dogs in need but it increases the AAC’s capacity. Fostering makes for well-adjusted pets, and it allows the AAC to provide potential adopters with important information about each pet’s particular likes and dislikes within a home environment.

Kitty City

This free-roaming environment provides indoor comfort and allows the cats to have access to a screened outside area. These two rooms supply a welcoming and comfortable transition for cats who are available for adoption. Kitty City is also a great place for potential adopters to meet with each cat individually and to experience each cat’s personality in a friendly environment.


May 28th, 2020 marked a new chapter in the story of the Animal Adoption Center (AAC). The AAC welcomed a new transport van to their rescue fleet complete with 19 temperature controlled kennels.

As we look ahead, we are committed to expanding our reach to save the lives of homeless animals at risk of euthanasia and those going unnoticed in overcrowded shelters. Thanks to the generous investment of our donors, we were able to purchase a new 4WD rescue vehicle that will help us achieve this goal. This incredible addition is equipped with 19 kennels, each with there own drain and air ventilation system. Our team is beyond excited to safely transport a greater number of homeless animals from further distances. Our trusty Tahoe, that was generously donated to us many years ago, will be moving to the Wind River Reservation to expand our Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program year round and in between our clinics.