Spay/Neuter Wyoming 

Millions of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America due to overcrowding in animal shelters. At the AAC, we are committed to solving the problem of pet overpopulation. We believe that spaying and neutering is the most effective way to exponentially reduce the number of homeless pets. The goal of the AAC Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program is to make sterilization services available to those who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

As a result of the program’s progressive efforts, many Wyoming communities have benefited greatly from decreased intake at their local shelters. These benefits have been demonstrated by a decrease in the euthanasia rate of up to 48% in some of the participating shelters. While we cannot pinpoint the Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program as the sole contributing factor to this dramatic decrease, we share the belief held by participating shelters and municipalities that this program has been a major driving force behind these massive reductions in euthanasia and overall animal intake at shelters.

In 2009, the AAC began to attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem by launching our Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program, a low-cost, mobile, spay and neuter effort spearheaded by former AAC board member Dr. Heather Carleton.

In 2013, Dr. Heather Carleton established the Spay/Neuter Wyoming Voucher Program to provide Wyoming residents with another spay/neuter option. Wyoming residents who make under $30,000/year can apply for a voucher at a participating veterinarian to receive a low-cost spay or neuter for their pet year-round.

Step 1: Call a participating clinic to make an appointment for you animal

Step 2: Bring your animal in on the day of the appointment along with a W2 form or a copy of your last year’s taxes showing that you make under $30,000/year

Step 3: Pay for the surgery in cash when you drop off your pet

Step 4: If your dog is in heat or pregnant, there will be an additional $25 fee. If you can’t afford this, please wait until your dog is out of heat (or pregnancy is finished) before making the appointment

Step 5: Pick your dog up after surgery and follow the take home instructions on how to care for your pet post-surgery

Cost of Vouchers:

Dog Spay: $75

Dog Neuter: $60

Cat Spay $50

Cat Neuter $25

Participating Veterinary Clinics:

  1. Dr. Stockton, The Stock Doc- Riverton 307-856-7764
  2. Dr. Hamilton, Hamilton Veterinary Services- Lander 307-332-5856
  3. Dr. Chris and Dr. Chuck Powell, Ten Sleep Veterinary Services- Ten Sleep 307-366-2122
  4. Dr. Wallendorff, Desert View Animal Hospital- Rock Springs 307-362-3184
  5. Dr. White, Uinta Veterinary Hospital – Fort Bridger 307-782-6566
  6. Dr. Mares, Crossroads Veterinary Clinic- Glenrock, Wyoming 307-436-8313
  7. Dr. Jones, Riverside Vet Clinic-Kemmerer 307-386-2063
  8. Dr. Schwan, Altitude Veterinary Hospital – Casper 307-234-7333
  9. Dr. Mohr, Rocky Mountain Animal Hospital – Casper 307-472-5105
  10. Dr. Johannessen, Westside Animal Hospital – Casper 307-472-5600
  11. Dr. Eilts, Rock Springs Pet Hospital – Rock Springs 307-362-2869

If your veterinary practice would like to participate please contact Carrie Boynton at 307-739-1881.

The AAC mobile spay/neuter team targets the Wind River Indian Reservation with an emphasis on visiting the Arapaho and Shoshone tribes twice yearly. These services are provided to enrolled tribal members at no cost.

  • Your pet will be well cared for by licensed veterinarians, veterinary technicians and animal lovers from your community who have kindly volunteered their time to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable.
  • Cats, dogs, kittens and puppies must be over the age of 8 weeks and weigh more than 2 pounds.
  • Feral cats from managed colonies are welcome, if you can catch them!

Upcoming Clinics:

Fort Washakie Spay/Neuter Clinic will be held May 29-30. This clinic will be a first come first serve, check in will start at 8:30am and will be held at the Arapaho School located at the Ft. Washakie School at 90 Ethete Road, Fort Washakie. 

For questions related to upcoming clinics or if you are interested in volunteering at a clinic please call 307-739-1881.

Please do not feed your animal on the day of surgery! The AAC mobile spay/neuter team targets the Wind River Indian Reservation with an emphasis on visiting the Arapaho and Shoshone tribes two to four time per year. These services are provided to enrolled tribal members at no cost.

Rabies, cat and dog vaccines are available upon request.

The Wyoming Shelter Project invites municipal shelters across the state of Wyoming to participate in increasing their spay/neuter efforts with funding from the Animal Adoption Center. This includes facilitating the spay/neuters of all animals prior to adoption.

In 2014, the AAC invited the Rock Springs Animal Shelter to join the Wyoming Shelter Project.   The positive result was beyond our shared expectation.  Over the course of a few years, euthanasia rates for cats went from 70% to 16% and dog euthanasia rates went from 30% to 2%. There has been a 40% decrease in animal intake.  Rock Springs Animal Shelter now spays or neuters all animals prior to adoption and even with this expense their overall budget has decreased.  The video above highlights the success of the Wyoming Shelter Project.

The Animal Adoption Center will continue the expansion of Wyoming Shelter Project to municipal shelters across the state.