The Animal Adoption Center is a 501(c)3 animal rescue dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals since 2004.

AAC’s Operations & Outreach Efforts in Response to COVID-19

The Animal Adoption Center (AAC) Team’s primary focus in response to COVID-19 is keeping our staff, volunteers, fosters, adopters, and animals safe and healthy.  The AAC operations moving forward will be in accordance with the CDC guidelines.  

As we look to the coming weeks, we will make a number of shifts to our operations:

Hours & Adoption Process: 

The AAC will be open by appointment only.  We will proceed with a scheduled meet and greet style adoption process with the option of doing them virtually.  This will help maintain social distancing while allowing potential adopters to connect with the amazing animals in our program. We understand that there is truly nothing more comforting than having a companion animal in times of hardship. 

If you are interested in one of our adoptable pets, please call 307-739-1881 or email to learn how to proceed.  To get the process started, complete a dog or cat application on our website.  If you already have one on file, please reach out to schedule a time to meet. These meet and greets will be done with proper social distancing in accordance with CDC recommendations.  Our team will also be asking potential adopters a variety of health and travel related questions. These responses will be kept confidential and only available to the AAC staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and greatly appreciate your understanding.

Look for virtual, daily pet highlights to not only keep your social media positive but so you can get to know the animals without having to leave your couch.

For those of you that are worried about your pet’s health, the World Health Organization states there is no evidence that companion animals or pets such as cats and dogs have been infected or could spread the virus that causes COVID-19. Veterinary Clinics are asking clients to only make appointments if their animal is ill and to call ahead of time. 

Kitty City: 

With the help of our dedicated group of volunteers, our felines will receive daily love and attention during these uncertain times.  Our cats will not be going into foster care but will remain safely in Kitty City. If you are interested in potentially adopting a cat or kitten please complete the application and we will schedule a time to connect using our protocols put in place.

How You Can Help: 

For our adoptable dogs, we will be shifting from our nightly foster program to long-term fostering.  We are looking for individuals and families interested in inviting a homeless dog into their home for a week or longer.  We will be sure to send you home with anything that you might need! To get involved, please complete our foster application or email us if you are already in our system.   If you live outside of the Jackson area, we are confident your local shelters would love help getting their animals into foster care as well.

During challenging times such as these, pets are often surrendered to shelters because they cannot be properly cared for.  To assist individuals and families facing these hard decisions, the AAC will distribute pet food to those struggling in the wake of COVID-19.  If you have additional pet food to donate, please leave it on the AAC’s porch and we will be sure it gets to those who need it most. Next time you are at the store, consider buying an extra bag of food to drop off with us. 

Conversely, if you or someone you know needs assistance, we will be setting up a pet food bank in the coming days. If you are unable to leave the home or cannot provide for your pet please email the AAC team to arrange a pick up or delivery of supplies to keep your pet healthy.  While we cannot accept owner surrenders, of non AAC animals, we have other ways to help rehome. Please reach out if you find yourself needing assistance.

Thank you for making our life-saving work possible.  We are grateful to be part of this incredible community and we will continue to update our efforts as the world is continuously evolving.  

Carrie Boynton & the Animal Adoption Center Team

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