Wyoming Shelter Project

The Wyoming Shelter Project invites municipal shelters across the state of Wyoming to participate in increasing their spay/neuter efforts with funding from the Animal Adoption Center. This includes facilitating the spay/neuters of all animals prior to adoption.

In 2014, the AAC invited the Rock Springs Animal Shelter to join the Wyoming Shelter Project.   The positive result was beyond our shared expectation.  Over the course of a few years, euthanasia rates for cats went from 70% to 16% and dog euthanasia rates went from 30% to 2%. There has been a 40% decrease in animal intake.  Rock Springs Animal Shelter now spays or neuters all animals prior to adoption and even with this expense their overall budget has decreased.  The video above highlights the success of the Wyoming Shelter Project.

The Animal Adoption Center will continue the expansion of Wyoming Shelter Project to municipal shelters across the state.