10 years, 12,000 spay/neuters facilitated and counting!

In 2019 the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) celebrates its 15thAnniversary and the 10thAnniversary of Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program. Spay/Neuter Wyoming is designed to attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem through spay/neuter. The AAC’s current strategy includes hosting free mobile clinics on the Wind River Reservation (WRR), providing low-income vouchers in eight communities, and offering spay/neuter assistance to shelters through the Wyoming Shelter Project.   During this milestone year the AAC team is exploring ways to increase its impact on the WRR and further decrease euthanasia rates in Wyoming shelters.

In April, the AAC Spay/Neuter Wyoming team traveled to the WRR to provide spay/neuter services to registered tribal members.   The team consisted of four veterinarians, seven vet techs and more than a dozen volunteers spay/neutered 178 cats and dogs and administered over 300 vaccines.  Animals with infections and parasites were treated and dozens of rotten teeth were removed, free of cost.

During the clinic, five puppies and three adult dogs were accepted into the AAC adoption program.  Almost all of the dogs have already found loving forever homes.  Two of the adult dogs were brought in as strays with broken legs and needed intensive surgeries to fix old injuries.  Both of these loving and sweet animals are healing from surgery and getting stronger every day. Partnering rescues took in an additional six puppies, two dogs and a litter of kittens from the clinic.

The AAC is tremendously grateful for the support of the Shoshone tribe who donated the rabies vaccines for every animal and the Arapaho tribe who generously provided free accommodations for all our vets, techs and volunteers at the Wind River Hotel & Casino.

Hole Food Rescue, Browse and Buy, Teton Tails and Pets Place Plus also joined forces with the AAC to bring needed resources to the Native residents and their pets.  With the help of these groups and local donors, over 2,000 lbs of animal & people food and 200 bags of clothing & supplies were distributed to those in need.

Take a sneak peak into what happens behind the scenes at a Spay/Neuter Clinic. The AAC team is looking forward to traveling to the WRR June 28-29 for another clinic.