Entries by Jenna Martin


Meet Sunkist! Sunkist is the other half of the brother dynamic duo! He loves his brother more than anything, but has started to learn to share his playmate with the other kitties! Sunkist is also very affectionate and will demand to sit in your lap! Fanta and Sunkist are two of the sweetest kitties and Sunkist looks forward to meeting his new friends soon!


Meet Fanta! Where do we even start with Fanta?! He and his brother are two peas in a pod! They absolutely love each other and demanded they share a kennel as grown adults for their quarantine period! Fanta is playful and is starting to learn the ropes of living in kitty city! If you are looking for an energetic kitty, come meet Fanta and his brother Sunkist!


Meet Salomon! Salomon is the cutest! She looks like a little white tail lemur and has the climbing abilities to match! She is a little shy at first with humans, but finds confidence when playing with the other kittens! She was fostered with kids so she is used to them, but appreciates the slow introduction to make sure she feels comfortable!


Meet Hoka! Hoka is the largest sibling in his litter and he uses it to his advantage! He will body slam to door and free his siblings to the larger area! Hoka has taken a strong liking to his doppelgänger, Junko! These kittens love the older cats and would be great in a household with other animals! Hoka was also in foster care with kids so he is used to having little human playmates!


Meet Sportiva! Sporty found his way to us through Dog is My Copilot and immediately went into foster care with his litter mates. It was through fostering that we started to learn more about him and his sweet energy. He loves to play with his friends and as a result, sleeps just as hard as playtime! Sportiva would be a great cat for any household and is excited to start his adoption journey!


Meet Nike! Nike is adorable! She came to us from El Paso, Texas and has thrived as a WY kitty! She loves to be handled by humans and begs to be picked up. Nike has adjusted well to kitty city, but is still figuring out how to live with 10 other roommates (we don’t blame her)! She would be a great asset to any household and fill out an application soon if you are interested in this great cat!


Meet Catarina! This girl is large and in charge. She is the queen of the upstairs cats and demands to only be pet on her terms! If you are looking for a great couch buddy who will let you know when it’s time to do anything, come meet Catarina! She is the sassiest, but funniest cat we have and you just need to meet her to understand!


Meet Lavender! Lavender is the token female in the litter. She is by far the smallest one, but is steadily growing with the aid of her big brothers. She plays well with her siblings and crashes hard during cap time- hint the photo above!

Lavender will be available for adoption when she gets spayed next week!


Meet Oregano! There is not a bad thing to say about this kitten! He has been a delight since the moment he joined our program. Oregano is curious, playful and a friend to everyone. He is ready to start his adoption journey today!


Meet Parsley! This is one wonderful kitten! Parsley is adorable and wants to be everyone’s friend. He joined us from Lander Pet Connections with his 4 siblings and momma! They have all been a great addition to our program! Parsley is the perfect kitten and just wants to be around people that will love him as much as he wants!