Entries by Jenna Martin


Meet Michael. Michael is the last of his littermates to find his place in someone’s life. He is an incredible kitty that takes a minute to warm up to new situations. Michael finds confidence in being around other kitties and would make a great playmate for another cat. He has been around other cats, dogs, and humans of all sizes. Michael’s ideal home would be in a household with another cat and plenty of toys to play with! If you are looking for an easy addition to your cat household, come meet Michael!


Meet Seal! Seal is one of the sweetest and soft spoken kitties in our program. She adores being pet , especially right on her back! When she came to us, our team noticed she was covered in scabs. After a quick trip to the vet, the verdict was allergies. She is now happily chowing down on special kibbles that keep her yummy full and her skin smooth! If you are interested in adopting an incredibly sweet and cuddly kitty, fill out an application today!


Meet Banana! Banana and his two siblings came to us a few weeks ago and have been hanging with one of our great fosters. He is starting to learn the ropes of hanging with new friends and has been crushing it! He does well in a household with kitties, dogs, and all humans!


Meet Cherry! She is our longest resident having spent almost 2 years with us waiting for a home to call her own. Cherry needs a home where she is the only pet and has people that understand that she doesn’t want to interact with doggy friends outside of her home either.


Meet Bella! She arrived on a Dog Is My Copilot flight from Texas. Bella is the wiggliest, silliest, sweetest girl! She loves her dog friends, loves her people friends, and walks around the world with a permanent grin on her face!


Meet Baby! Baby joined us from our Spring Spay/Neuter Clinic on the Wind River Reservation. She was a stray dog and the people that found her were not able to keep her.


Meet Moneta! Let us tell you about Moneta! She is AWESOME and makes her voice known in the room. Yes she is old, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t young at heart!!

Quirky, Goofy, Clumsy, Playful, Zoomy, Gentle, and Happy Alastor

Alastor/Al (formerly Bubba, Goofy, or Wink depending on who you asked) came from Star Valley, ID where he was shot numerous times with a BB gun. Two of the pellets were lodged in his right eye, his body was covered in wounds and scars, and he was emaciated. The first photo here is pre-eye-removal surgery […]

10 Months Later, My Cats Are Friends!

It took 10 months for my cats to become friends and it was worth the wait! One year ago, my cat, Bobby, passed away unexpectedly from a birth defect. She left behind her sister, Chara. Chara and Bobby were best friends. They hunted mice together all night and snuggled together on the couch all day. […]