Meet Peggie! Peggie came to us needing some medical attention. She had previously had her paw amputated, but needed a complete amputation to give her a truly comfortable lifestyle. Peggie has shown us true resilience and simply needs pets to make her the happiest girlie. Our sweet tripod pairs well with humans, other kitties, and dogs!


Meet Pickle! She is the the shyest of this litter but we are working every day to help her trust humans and enjoy snuggles.


Meet Olive! She is a mousey kitten who is excited to meet a new family. She is a little bit shy but full of love and playfulness and ready to melt your heart with her kitten antics. We are excited to see her get adopted into a loving home!


Meet Jalapeno! She has a spicy name but she’s very sweet! She can be a bit shy at first and slow to warm to strangers but with some time and gentle love she warms right up! She is excited to join a loving family.


Meet Dolly! Dolly can strut her stuff! She is a social butterfly and loves all her new roommates. She has shown us that being 1 year old still means you are as spry as a kitten! Dolly is a friend to all and can’t wait to meet you!


Meet Jimmi! Jimmi is one cool kitty. He loves to roll onto his back and let you pet his tummy. He also is very laid back and would be a great couch companion. Jimmi doesn’t have a tail, but what he lacks in tail, he makes up in personality. He becomes your friend immediately and showed us that today when we brought him down to kitty city! Jimmi would be well as an only cat or in a household with another feline friend!


Meet Tornado! This happy guy is ready for adventures full of playfulness and cuddles. Tornado joined our program from Paws for Life Riverton along with his sister, Turkey, and his mom, Stuffing! He is a sweet kitty who loves to zoom around Kitty City with his friends. He would make a great addition to any family!


Meet Soy! AKA Soy Sauce! This young gentleman is so handsome and has the most beautiful stripes. Coupled with his pink nose and friendly demeanor, Soy is truly a catch! He is still an adolescent and has energy to play and tumble. He is also good with dogs and is super adaptable to different environments! Get your application in today to meet Soy!


Meet Beyonce! Beyonce found her way into our program after we brought her back from our spay and neuter clinic. She has been a wonderful kitty in our program and is adored by our staff members for her kindness to everyone!

Beyonce is an FIV positive kitty. FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is a very manageable immune virus that is often misunderstood. Beyonce can still live a healthy lifestyle and is not a risk to other species. She should be an indoor only kitty for her own safety and always stay up to date on her vaccinations. The main risk to FIV+ cats is that any illness they come down with can be more severe due to her compromised immune system. Beyonce should be adopted as an only kitty or could live with another cat with FIV. Cats with FIV can live long, happy, healthy lives! The AAC would love to chat more on this matter and discuss any questions or concerns you might have if you are interested in Queen Bey!


Meet Stuffing! Stuffing has some surprises up her sleeves! She has a bob tail and the greenest eyes we have ever seen. Stuffing is kind, loving, and adores dinner time! She will be the first to greet you at the door and will settle in for the evening like a champ. Stuffing is the best (the cat and the food) so fill out an application to meet her soon!