Meet Midnight! Midnight loves life with such compassion! She naps, plays, and loves with grace! Midnight is a great sibling to her sister, Dusk and they can often be found tag teaming the demise of their toys. If you are looking for a turn key, awesome kitten, come meet Midnight!


Meet Dusk! Dusk and her twin, Midnight found their way into our arms from Lander. This girl has completely won us over! She latches onto you so tightly that you don’t even need to hold her to have her on your chest as you walk around! She has the tiniest little white tip on her tail which is how we tell the two of them apart. She crushes all interactions with other kitties, dogs, and humans! Dusk is the best!


Meet Oyster! Oyster is the sweetest kitty ever! She loves human attention and asks for pets with the cutest little meows. Oyster came to us from Lander and has been a treat ever since she arrived. Kitty city has become her playground and she seems to love sitting on the windowsill and watching her new playmates roam around. She does well with other kitties and doesn’t seem phased by much! If you need a fluffy new playmate, come on down and meet Oyster!


Meet Rebecca! Rebecca and her two siblings were picked up from our last spay and neuter clinic. She was been thriving in foster care, but is ready to find her forever home. Rebecca is curious, playful, and dtc (down to cuddle). Come meet this wonderful little kitten and bring your best friend home.


Meet Woolly! Woolly is one social little butterfly! She absolutely loves everyone and her life mission is to play until it’s nap time. Woolly found her way into our program from Lander as an only child! We are unsure were her siblings are, but she is thriving in the spotlight. Woolly adores all other creatures and would do well in any type of household. Don’t miss out on meeting this mini woolly mammoth!


Allow us to introduce Tulip! Tulip never fails to bring laughter to our program. Among all the kitties in our care, she exudes the most vibrant personality and has effortlessly claimed the title of queen in kitty city. Despite being a bobtail kitty, Tulip confidently struts around as if she possesses the most magnificent tail of all. Prepare yourself for daily face-washing sessions, as she is an enthusiastic aficionado of forehead and nose licking, ensuring your face stays impeccably clean. Tulip’s zest for life is truly infectious! Don’t miss the chance to meet this captivating feline and experience the joy she brings.


Introducing Happy! Happy is an absolute riot, always keeping us entertained with his hilarious antics. When we let him loose in kitty city, the first thing he did was dive into a pile of catnip and roll around for a solid 20 minutes! True to his name, Happy embodies joy and carefree spirit, remaining unfazed by anything that comes his way. He adores the company of other cats, shows no concern around dogs, and craves human affection. Happy’s personality is truly infectious, and we can all benefit from adopting a bit of his exuberance in our daily lives. Imagine a world where everyone embraces Happy’s outlook—a much happier place indeed! Don’t miss out on the chance to meet Happy. Fill out an application promptly to schedule a visit with this delightful bundle of joy!


Introducing Gil! Gil may come across as a bit shy at first, but once he becomes familiar with you, his warm and friendly nature shines through. He made his way to our care thanks to the wonderful folks at the Pocatello Animal Shelter. Currently settling into his new home in our cozy kitty city, Gil has already formed connections with some furry companions during his journey. For those seeking a feline companion, Gil would be an ideal match, especially for patient individuals who allow him to approach them as he gradually gets to know them. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet this adorable little chunk! Fill out an application today and embark on a journey of friendship with Gil!


Meet Ambre! Ambre is one majestic kitty. She has made a full 180 since arriving to us! Ambre struts around the upstairs of the center and makes her rounds to ensure everyone is doing well! She loves to hang out with the other kitties and gets confidence from their boldness! She would thrive in pretty much any type of household and we know she makes a great kitty sibling! Ambre would make a great addition to a house with another pet, but would also be fantastic as an only kitty! This fluffy adult kitty can’t wait to meet all her future admirers.


Meet Cobalt! Cobalt is the ultimate chill kitty! He loves to explore his surroundings, but once he finds a comfy spot, he’s settled. You can see how fluffy this guy is too which definitely helps him be the best snuggle buddy around. He does well with all the other cats and would make an excellent brother to anyone!