Meet Shasta! Shasta is a perfect kitten! She played well with her siblings and knows that nap time is just as important as playtime. Shasta is a spitting image of her very chill mother and is often found watching her every move to learn more! Shasta will be a great kitten for anyone and is excited to meet her people soon!

Saint Helen

Meet Saint Helen! Saint Helen has been an incredible mother to all of her kittens. While she crushed motherhood, she is ready to be her own self again. She loves all humans and other cats! She welcomed cat affection even when her kittens were around which is very trusting of her! She plays with her kittens and is also down for an epic nap anytime! Saint Helen will be a wonderful cat and is ready to go home soon!


Meet Pepsi! Pepsi is our newest long haired female and she has stolen our hearts. She absolutely loves all her new kitty friends and will lick your fingers as a thank you for all the pets! She is such an easy yes for anyone looking for a first, second, or third cat!!! I would say more, but we want to make sure there are plenty to go around! Pepsi is precious and can’t wait to meet all of her new friends!


Meet Marmalade! Marmalade came to us from our friends at Lander Pet Connections. He needed some extra love on one of his legs so after a trip to Jackson Animal Hospital, we have our very own tripod kitty! Three legs has not slowed down Marmalade and he was ripped around kitty just as well as his 4-legged roommates. He is extremely affectionate and gets along well with all the other cats! We would recommend an indoor only home for him because of his 3 legs, but to be honest, he will want to be by your side on the couch the whole time anyway! Come meet Marmalade if you are looking for an awesome adult cat!


Meet Frito! Frito has quite the story on how he came to us! He was transported to our team by a dear friend who fell in love with him in New Orleans. Advocats in LA took wonderful care of him, but thought that a live in the mountains was more suitable for sweet Frito! Frito is a very loving and gentle guy! He adores humans and other cats, but can be a little shy at first. His ideal day is just hanging on a comfy bed surrounded by his loved ones! Frito would do well in a household with other pets and wouldn’t mind being a pet to some older kiddos. Frito will need to be an indoor cat because our friends at JAH removed all of his teeth due to decay! His lack of teeth has not changed up his diet, but it has made him even cuter when his little tongue sticks out!


Introducing Crostini! Crostini, a pivotal character in our ongoing rescue film, has undergone remarkable growth. Initially quiet and reserved, she has blossomed as we’ve grown closer to her. Now, she snuggles up in her blankets for sleep and eagerly seeks out affection. Despite only having half of a tail, she joyfully wags it like a dog when excited, adding to her charm each day. Crostini’s adorableness seems to only amplify with time! She’s also proven to be compatible with other cats, dogs, and even tolerates children well.


Introducing Shortbread! This adorable bundle of joy hails from Rock Springs and has quickly captured our hearts. Initially shy, she’s gradually opening up to those she knows, revealing her sweet and gentle nature. With her fluffy coat and tender disposition, Shortbread is tailor-made for cozy companionship. Whether as the sole feline in a household or a cherished sidekick, she’s sure to bring warmth and joy to any home!


Meet Lynx! Lynx has taken the adoption center by storm! She made herself a home immediately, wins the clean plate award every meal, and loves to be pet. She is a great leader to the other kitties and gives them all confidence just by showing them how to be brave. We can imagine she would be a great hunter too! She would make a great addition to a family or any type of household!


Introducing Shadow! Shadow stands out as the epitome of feline coolness. With a majestic mane reminiscent of a lion’s and a heart as sweet as can be, she’s the perfect blend of regal and affectionate. Shadow adores being showered with pets and has a knack for turning your lap into a cozy nap spot, making it nearly impossible to focus on anything else. While she may take her time warming up to other feline and canine companions, once she does, they’ll find in her a loyal and cherished friend. Whether she’s the sole feline resident of a household or a welcomed addition to a furry family, Shadow’s adaptable nature ensures she’ll thrive in any environment.


Meet Mulligan! Mulligan is purrrfect! He has transitioned into kitty city well and will go nose to nose with all the others. Mulligan came into our program with a shaved back! We are unsure why this is the case, but his hairs seem to be growing back as we speak! Mulligan is ready to meet all his new suitors so fill out an application and come meet him!