Dog Walking

Due to COVID-19, dog-walking hours have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

Animal Adoption Center dogs are exercised daily and benefit greatly from their outings with dog walking volunteers. Volunteers walk our adoptable dogs around town or on pet-friendly hiking trails. These walks are mutually beneficial to walker and dog; both parties get exercise, fresh air, and the opportunity to explore our beautiful valley. The dogs wear “Adopt Me” vests to ensure that everyone who sees them know that they are available for adoption. Many adoptable dogs have found their forever home because of someone seeing them on a walk. One of our many partners, PAWS of Jackson Hole, put together a dog-friendly walking map to find all the right places for you and your pooch.


Dog walking hours:

Tuesday – Friday, 12pm – 4pm

Saturday 11am – 4pm.

Stop in during these hours to check if there is an available dog or call in advance to reserve a walking buddy: 307-739-1881.