Newman’s Own Foundation

The Animal Adoption Center receives $15,000 grant from

Newman’s Own Foundation
Funding will support spay/neuter on the Wind River Reservation

The Animal Adoption Center (AAC)’s Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program has received a $15,000 grant from Newman’s Own Foundation, the independent foundation created by the late actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman.  While the AAC’s Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program attacks the root of the pet overpopulation problem statewide, this grant is dedicated to addressing the tremendous need on the Wind River Reservation (WRR). Through free spay/neuter clinics and low-income vouchers, the AAC is working to reduce the number of unwanted litters born and stray animals on the reservation annually.

“The need for spay/neuter services on the WRR simply cannot be overstated. Many of the families we work with have multiple pets and the cost of spay/neuter is beyond reach. Without these services the number of pets in one household can grow exponentially in a matter of months. With the help of Newman’s Own Foundation we will make sterilization resources available to an even larger number of animals and families this year.”  Carrie Boynton, AAC Executive Director.

Up to four times per year, the Spay/Neuter Wyoming Team travels to the reservation to host free clinics for registered tribal members. Our team of four veterinarians, six vet techs, and over a dozen volunteers work to spay/neuter up to 200 dogs and cats during each two-day clinic.  In addition to spay/neuter services, hundreds of vaccines are administered, animals with parasites and infection are treated, lacerations are stitched, rotting teeth are removed and other life threatening conditions are addressed, all free of charge.

To help address the year round need, Spay/Neuter Wyoming now funds free spay/neuter vouchers for animals that go into heat between clinics or are placed on the waitlist during full clinics.  The AAC also holds a human, dog and cat food drive prior to clinics. Thanks to our supportive community of Jackson, we successfully redistribute hundreds of pounds of animal food along with fresh fruits, vegetables and dry goods for tribal members in need.

In 2019, we are striving to spay/neuter more than 2,000 animals statewide. Of those, 700+ will live on the WRR. The first clinic of 2019 is scheduled for April 26th-27th.  Plans are underway to hold a second clinic in May and two more during the fall.  Our food drive for the April clinic begins April 1st.  Click herelearn more.

Paul Newman gave back because, he said, “It’s just the right thing to do.” He supported thousands of worthy causes, but you don’t need to have a lot of money or be famous to have an impact. Every single person who is inspired to make a difference can do that. What a great thought! Thanks Newman’s Own Foundation!