I (Erin) and my husband Mike had been traveling around the country in our skoolie. We were in the Jackson Hole area when we decided it was time to add another passenger to the FreeRoamingBus. Since we had our skoolie parked up in the mountains, we drove to the Animal Adoption Center on our motorcycle to “just look” at the kittens they had. Well, you know how that goes… I quickly fell in love with a cuddly orange tabby then named Odin. Now we had to figure out how to get him back to our bus.

A few hours later we arrived back at the AAC to pick up our newly named Hank in a U-Haul truck (the cheapest way to rent a car in peak summer season). Everyone had a few good laughs at the length we went to get our boy home.

Hank took to the bus quickly and had quite a few adventures in his first three months with us. We’re now out of the bus and into a home, but we still get out for small adventures here and there. Hank’s favorite activities are cuddling, hiking, visiting the birds and mice at Petco, and his all time favorite, climbing trees. He is full of personality and is always causing mischief.

We are so thankful that we found the Animal Adoption Center and our little fur ball!

If you would like, you can follow Hank on Instagram @adventuresofhankrobbie