Patches to Giblet


Patches came to us with no pants, no shirt, no clothes at all. She had a patch or two of fur but we couldn’t tell what her coat would be like or if it would come back entirely at all.  She was a little shy at first(not so much inside); we think we took her on her first leashless walk.  We were on the snake river dike and she seemed unsure what to do and the water baffled and scared her a little.  That lasted all of a few days, Giblet aka gibby, immediately took to the water once she realized chasing sticks was her lifes’ passion. She has grown bright and strong, like her coat, since we adopted her. Boundless energy is her MO and now her love for diving into fresh powder almost tires her out. She is loyal, smart and always is looking at us for the next thing we might do. We definitely look forward to when she slows down a hair but we could not be happier with Giblet and the way her tail hardly ever stops wagging makes us think the feeling is mutual. Thanks again everyone at the Animal Adoption Center.


Patches was originally found on the Wind River Indian Reservation at our June 2018 spay/neuter clinic. She was scared and hairless with a severe case of Mange. We brought her back to Jackson to get the medical care she needed and deserved. After a few weeks in a medical foster home, she began to come out of her shell and gain her confidence while growing her hair back. Everyday was a huge improvement and it didn’t take long for her to adjust to the spoiled life and get adopted. Patches, now Giblet, is a Wilson dog!