Ramone the Punk-Rock Chiweenie

“There’s no way we’re fostering him, he almost took my face off!”

Amy had been stalking the AAC site for months.  The Furry Friday emails were literally the only reason she checked her account.  Numerous times per day I’d receive text messages with screen shots of dogs and the standard question, “what do you think about this guy?”

We’d been talking about getting a dog for a while and were at the point we were seriously looking.  Amy had always had dogs growing up.  For her, it was time to restore that energy to the house.  I hadn’t grown up with dogs, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but was excited for this new chapter.

There he was!  I’d received many images of different dogs over the past few months, but the way Amy reacted to the photos of Nacho made me think this might be the guy.  We decided to swing by the AAC to meet him.  He was nervous to say the least.

Carrie and the girls at the AAC told us he’d come from Idaho Falls and had had quite a rough few weeks.  He was scared and hesitant around us.  Rightfully so after having been adopted and returned to the AAC not once, but twice.  I was warming up to the little guy and that’s when it happened… he lunged at Amy’s face and almost got her.  We brushed it off, but left with mixed emotions about the fiery little Nacho.

Soon after leaving, the AAC called and asked if we’d foster him for the weekend.  After some serious deliberation (hence the “…almost took my face off” quote) we mustered up the courage to spend three nights in the same house with all 8 pounds of this spirited little chiweenie.

After an exciting initial three days we were in love and made the commitment to be his forever home.  First things first… new name.  Nacho quickly became Ramone the Punk-Rock Chiweenie and we began truly getting to know each other better.

Times were a little challenging at first.  It took Ramone a few weeks to get comfortable with his new humans and really settle in.  He was quite defensive and a little aggressive, but with some patience, a little love, and LOTS of treats he has transformed into the sweetest little guy with a huge personality.  We are actually amazed at how social and friendly he has become.

Ramone loves camping and treats and naps and laps and treats and bike rides and skateboarding and treats and hikes and road trips and high fives and is even starting to dig paddle boarding.   He’s an equal opportunity lover who visits the lap of everyone who enters our home. He’s fast as hell and probably doesn’t realize that his happy bark sounds a lot like his angry bark. Just don’t try to pick him up if you’re not already one of his homies. That doesn’t really fly with Ramone, but can you blame him?  I don’t like strangers picking me up either.

Ramone has been an absolutely amazing addition to our family and, as with all of us, is a beautiful work in progress.  We are so grateful to the AAC for helping us find him and for all the work they put into connecting these incredible animals with their forever homes.

-Jeff Moran with Amy Glenn & Ramone the Punk-Rock Chiweenie