Bert & Baby – A Love Story

We first moved to our new house in February and our dog Baby went from living in a home with other dogs to being an only child. Before adopting Bert we would come home and he would not have touched his breakfast or daily bone and he would be over joyed we came back. It was if he thought we left him for good in a new strange place. Then he would scarf down his food bowl. Since getting Bert, I walk in from work and food bowls are empty, bones are gone, toy box looks like it was thrown around the entire house, couch pillows and blankets on the floor and them extremely vocal about how happy they are that I came back (even though its pretty clear they didn’t care I left). Safe to say they have lots of fun. Thank you for connecting us with such a sweet dog who is a perfect fit for our house. We love him so much!!!
He is such a sweetie. My friends are trying to convince me to re-name him Toothless after the dragon in How To Train Your Dragon. Because of his lean frame, sweet heart and aggressive playing lol. I guess we have to watch that movie now!! (No idea what they are talking about). Bert is stuck though, no going back, we love his name and him. He is a huge blanket guy. Sleeps under them every night. He is also what I strive to be as a sleeper, dead weight and passed out. We debate on whether a nuclear war would wake him up but we concluded it wouldn’t. Baby struggled for the first week adjusting to his new brother, his need for attention has sky rocketed but we are working on it. We always say they are like a freshman in high school and a 7th grader. Baby has to be cool and act like he does not like him but when you leave the room or turn your head he initiates some giant aggressive wrestling match. Baby loves Bert so much.