Best Buddies

Our new kitten Queso has taken a shine to our pit bull.  Every morning when the dog jumps into bed the kitten seizes her opportunity to attack his wagging tail.  He lets her chomp his tail for awhile before wrestling with her.  The 70lb pit bull plays with the 3lb kitten as if they were both puppies.  He dances and jumps around her as she swats at him.  They both seem to love it and keep coming back for more. To see the gentleness in my dog that has gotten into many dog fights is truly heart warming.  Now that Queso is around they get to hang out together when I go away to work.  I got the kitten for my own comfort, which has been great because she is such a loving and friendly cat.  However the real winner here is my dog who has found his best buddy in a little kitten.