Cobia Jean

When I think back to the day we met our sweet girl I always smile. My boyfriend, now husband, and I had been dog shopping for months. This would be my husband‘s first pet and a huge step in our relationship.  We visited the old yellow Animal Adoption Center many times. I had seen a bunch of dogs that caught my eye, but Bryan was still warming up to the whole idea of adding another dog to our fur family.

On one of our routine visits he walked in, looked up and down the kennels, and said his usual “sit”.  This time, a very chubby black lab immediately sat, wagged her little tail and looked at us with her sweet golden eyes.  It was in that moment that she stole our hearts. We fell in love with a black dog sitting in a kennel at the AAC.  Cobia had become family in an instant.

Over the next 10 years, she made us laugh and smile so many times it’s hard to remember them all. From falling out of a drift boat in the rapids and sending it through the powder of Teton pass to nurturing and caring for our small child and letting kindergartners overcome their fear of dogs by petting her – by my account, she was the perfect dog.

Cobia, thank you for not killing youself when you got your head stuck in the chip bag or when you decided to eat and entire bag of pancake mix.  Thank you for being nice to the rabbit that lives in our yard and sharing the front seat of the car with Jake Kitty on your way to the vet.  Thank you for keeping our floors clean and for making sure no squeaky toy ever made it through the night.  While our time together was entirely too short, thank you for making our life brighter.

We love you,

The Boyntons