Dakota, Our Joy in Giving

The story we’ve heard about Dakota is that she was born under a deck in the dead of winter. When we watch her frolic in the snow, we know why she feels right at home burrowing in a snow bank, even though she seems equally as comfortable in the middle of our bed every night! When she licks the dew off the grass in the morning, we are reminded of her survivor spirit, but also how lucky we are to have her. We gave her a home, but she’s brought us more joy than we ever could have expected.

A little love makes a big difference not only for those who receive but those who give — and from our first phone call, we’ve felt part of a special group that understands how meaningful it is to shelter an animal. Dakota is the wonderful dog she is because of the many individuals who fostered her before she landed with us — we are so lucky to have her and grateful for the Animal Adoption Center that rescued her.

Photo Credit: Peter Lobozzo