Drift ~ The Traveling Cat

We adopted Drift in July 2018 from the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, Wyoming. The struggle of choosing the right pet was real. The cat we went there to adopt was very nervous and the folks there did not recommend her for RV travel. Struggling to choose one of so many beautiful cats was about to get the best of me. Finally, my husband sat in the chair in Kitty City and the one cat we had not considered came trotting over and curled up in his lap. And that was that. I finally got the cat I have always wanted and my cat finally had his human…. my husband… lol. We love him so much. Though he doesn’t particularly like to be harnessed, he tolerates it in order to enjoy the outdoors. He walked out of the AAC on harnessed and has walked well on a leash ever since. He rides so well in the truck as we travel from place to place. Drift has had great adventures in Yellowstone, Tally Lake Montana, Scottsdale Arizona, Grand Prairie Texas, Kofa Wildlife Refuge, Whitewater Draw Arizona, and so many more places. This year is New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota and beyond. He sleeps cuddled up with one or the other of us and sometimes between both of us. We live and travel in a 33 Foot travel trailer. Drift has totally made it his own. I would love to have a second cat to be playmate for Drift…. perhaps the next time we are in Jackson, we will let Drift pick out a friend. I wonder what the chances are for us to find another cat as perfect for us as Drift. We did not rescue Drift… Drift rescued us.