Ella Ella Ella! My mostly confident, mostly hound type dogs story began on some dock somewhere in Mexico, where she was picked up with her sissy and brought into a rescue.  Starved, mangy and terrified are the adjectives the rescuers have described their 4 month old pup.  She cowered in her kennel for a week and screamed every time she was touched.  After some months of  wonderful caring and meals, she would travel to the AAC with her sissy by way of Jackson volunteers that had been helping at a spay/neuter clinic on Isla Mujeres.  I met Ella after she’d been in the AAC program for a couple weeks. At this point she’d been fostered by Heather, professional foster, and a long time supporter of AAC, Dr. Emmy.  I like to foster the harder to place dogs, I have them longer, get more attached and agonize over the day they find their forever homes!  Ella had several inquiries over several months, but nothing that was the right fit. At first, she retreated to a large crate when she was nervous, and damn near everything made her nervous.  She quickly adapted to her new life though.  Walks at the feed grounds with her foster brothers in the evening, days spent with The AAC  gals and the dogs , regular meals, treats, she was a sight to behold.

Why I Foster Failed. Ella gave new meaning to long term foster! She quit slinking to the kennel, she met people at the door like a welcome wagon lady, she got over her fear of the cats,  her tail was up more than tucked between her legs.  Now, I needed another dog like I needed a hole in my head— but she was already here. Then, one day, Ella was the featured pet available for adoption.  Dr. Emmy was very sick this day, and had asked me months previous to this if I would please adopt this dog that she adored.  I  called  Jenny and Faith May, also friends of Dr. Emmy and my landlord,  for permission to bring Ella home for good. I had reached the point with Ella that she belonged with me and my GSD Sam, and the rest of the pack.  I wasn’t going to put myself or her through any more anxiety ridden moments over where her home was.  It was with me.  Dr. Emmy knew before she passed that Ella was home for good.

The only thing she loathes is the dog park!  I often forget that crowds are not her thing.  Her happy place, is  still, with her girlfriends at AAC and their dogs.  I’ve been going through chemo this year, and she often stays with Amanda and Josie.  It is my pride and joy to see her so happy. Ella is so very sensitive to every emotion with myself or the animals.  She is so very interesting , and we just love her so very much.