Josie the Cajun mutt

When Josie first came to the Animal Adoption Center in September 2016, she was an absolute mess! She was brought to Wyoming via a “Dog is My CoPilot” flight from Louisiana, where disastrous flooding was causing many shelters to evacuate. When we got her off the plane and to the AAC, we discovered she had kennel cough, Giardia, and seizures. We immediately placed her in a medical foster home. I (Amanda) had been working at the Animal Adoption Center for about 6 months and was so ready for a dog of my own. About a week after Josie arrived, I decided to foster her. Conveniently my boyfriend was out of town on a climbing trip during this time, so Josie and I had plenty of time to bond. I knew immediately that she was my dog.

As Josie got healthier, her true quirky personality started to come out! She is the most loving and loyal dog I have ever know. She is a total goof ball and has episodes of the most spastic “zoomies”.  We also discovered her love for kittens. Whenever we foster litters of kittens she seems to think they are her own babies and carries them around, cleans them, and snuggles them. She gladly accompanies us on all adventures and snuggles us at night. I am so grateful that this one of a kind creature came into my life. The love she has shown me is beyond anything I could ever imagine.