Lumpy Love

Early summer of last year I was casually looking at Petfinder (mostly for dogs) and favorited Lumpy because her pic + name made her seem so pitiful. In January, thanks to my neighbor, I found out Lumpy was STILL at the shelter. My heart broke a little bit and even though I wasn’t looking for a cat at all at the time, I just knew I had to go get her.

The AAC told me Lumpy came from Star Valley very sick and sad… she had to have most of her teeth removed and got completely shaved because she had stopped grooming herself. She was listed as a senior + special needs, and she is very skittish, so she remained at the AAC for a very long time.

Today, Lumpy is thriving! She has completely come out of her shell and even though she will always be skittish towards strangers, she is so loving, affectionate and playful with the ones she loves. Her first week at home she mostly hid under the bed, but now she prowls around the whole house and loves sleeping on our bellies. She has never bitten our scratched anyone, not even the vet who stuck a thermometer up her bum (!!)

I am just so, so thankful that the AAC rescued her, nursed her back to health, and believed in her. The experience of adopting an animal who has been through a lot has been so meaningful.

I urge you to consider the shelter animals that have been overlooked (check the upstairs room at the AAC!) If you are a gentle soul with a calm home, a very skittish animal might absolutely thrive with you. A lot of animals are just introverted and need a chill, stable environment to become their best selves. Thanks AAC for giving Lumps a second chance and making me into a crazy cat lady!