Miles Adoption!

The first time I met Miles was in March, 2013, during my spring break from college. We instantly bonded as he purred and kneaded my lap. He had been surrendered to the AAC because one of his owners was allergic to cats. I thought he was the most adorable, social, talkative cat I’d ever met and was surprised at the length of time he’d been at the AAC because he was so friendly. Luckily, when I returned to Jackson in the summer of 2013, Miles was still at the AAC and I adopted him.

Miles lived in a cage for most of the first 7 years of his life but now he has two homes with room to explore and hunt outside. He spends most of his time in Austin but escapes to Jackson when the heat becomes unbearable. He enjoys having owners who are suckers and feed him multiple snacks throughout the day. He is a very successful hunter with his jaws and paws, catching many lizards, voles and mice. All his teeth except one were extracted when he was at the AAC due to Stage 5 gum disease. However his one tooth is more than adequate for maintaining his healthy figure.

We are so grateful to the AAC for rescuing so many wonderful animals like Miles, restoring their health, and helping them find loving owners.