Sky Sled Dog Baby

I started looking at shelter dogs as soon as I got my own place in Jackson (beginning of winter 2016).  A friend who had met Sky at the AAC, suggested she might be my speed, so I went in a couple days later and took her for a night.  I adopted her the next day.  There was something about the soul-penetrating blue and brown eyeballs, totally nonchalant attitude towards a -10 degree night, and the emotional connection I felt as soon as I met her.

We like all the same things (snow, activities, chips, etc.) and could not be a more perfect dog/human pairing – I feel very lucky.  She is my sled dog in the summer – pulling me around Jackson on anything with wheels – and my ski partner in the winter.  Sky is now a sponsored RexSpecs athlete because she is so pretty and fit.  She is also a perfect role model and play buddy for many foster dogs that come stay in our little apartment.

My life would be so boring without Sky Dog, and I am eternally grateful that the Animal Adoption Center exists, and that it has the best staff any place could possibly have.