The Adventures of Chet and Cooper


We knew that our playful husky Cooper needed a “buddy”, and Chet was just the pup for the job! He is the sweetest boy and perfect addition to our house. Cooper and Chet are the best of friends and spend lots of time playing, going for car rides with mom, and lounging with their kitties too. Chet has learned lots of tricks from his big brother Cooper.  There is never a dull moment here but we wouldn’t have it any other way! #TheAdventuresofChetandCooper


Chet found his way to the AAC when he was part of an accidental and unwanted litter. He was surrendered to Lucky’s Place and adopted out. His adopters immediately decided they didn’t have time for a puppy and surrendered him back. He spent his first couple of months in and out of homes with no consistency. He arrived at the AAC in December and couldn’t have been a more happy go lucky puppy. We can never explain the rhyme or reason behind an adoption but it took much longer than we expected for him to find his forever home. We think he was waiting for his perfect family and his future rescue brother, Cooper, to seal the deal!