Tillie – Might, Power & Battle

I was waiting all summer of 2017 for my perfect dog to come through the  Animal Adoption Center. I stopped in frequently; followed closely on social media, fostered a few and then finally found a puppy I set my heart on. He came in with a whole litter and had coloring similar to a Greater Swiss Mountain dog, which is the breed I grew up with. However, the puppies were too young and needed to remain in foster care, so I was put on the waiting list.

A couple days later Jenna (AAC staff and my roommate at the time) thought it would be a good idea for me to foster another puppy they had in from Idaho Falls. A good trial to make sure I wanted a puppy and not an adult dog. After that night, it was all over, I fell in love with little Butters (now Tillie) and had to have her. So on August 4th, 2017 she was officially mine and I couldn’t wait to start adventuring together.

After almost 6 months doing life together Tillie got sick, really sick. We spent 10 days dealing with local vets trying to figure out the problem. In early March, I found myself driving way too fast, with a 9 month old puppy slipping away from me en route to the CSU Veterinary Hospital in Fort Collins, CO. Tillie was battling an infection that had attacked her brain and spinal cord. After a week in Colorado she was officially diagnosed with Meningitis. She spent the next 6 months on multiple medications, gaining strength and trying to fight this thing off. After over half a year of meds and one short relapse, I started getting my angel back!

In January, I took her skiing for the first time. She could only go up about 20min but she fell in love. On the anniversary of her sickness, she made it halfway up Snow King. Yesterday, for her fourth time skiing, she made it almost to the top then promptly passed out with her toy still in her mouth when we got home.

Tillie might have had a slower start to the adventure life than most Jackson pups, but she’s gaining ground quickly and getting stronger by the day! Little did I know when I named her, Tillie means might, power and battle and it couldn’t be more fitting! She’s the sweetest girl, the biggest flirt, has the most sass, is my best decision, and has been my biggest fight. Big thanks to the AAC family for bringing her into my life and to Jackson Animal Hospital for always taking the best care of her!