Toby – Hurricane Katrina Rescue

Since it’s the 15th Anniversary of the AAC, I felt it’s time to give a shout out to our grumpy old man Toby who’ll be 15 in December 2019. When we adopted Toby (then Doby – Harry Potter names were really popular) he was a scrawny, approximately 1 year old, 15 pound little guy who came to us via Hurricane Katrina. We had just lost our 13 year old Lab, Shack, and had a big hole in our hearts and our other dog Calvin also needed a play mate.  We brought Toby home and he and Calvin became best buds. They were perfect hiking companions. Toby isn’t big on swimming but will go in Ski Lake to cool off.  When Calvin went to doggie heaven we then adopted Ty from the AAC who was a little neurotic. Ty & Toby weren’t best buds but tolerated each other especially at baseball games when they would snuggle on blankets together.  Now Toby tolerates his big little sister Olive. Toby has been the perfect traveling buddy and has gone on many adventures.  We have no idea what breed Toby is but think he has a little hound dog in him as he likes to howl and sing songs.  We’re not sure how long Toby will be with us but he’s a pretty spry almost 15 year old so we hope he lives a long time!

Thank you to the AAC.

-The Hollingsworth’s