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Quirky, Goofy, Clumsy, Playful, Zoomy, Gentle, and Happy Alastor

Alastor/Al (formerly Bubba, Goofy, or Wink depending on who you…

10 Months Later, My Cats Are Friends!

It took 10 months for my cats to become friends and it was worth…

Common Naughty Cat Behaviors and How To Fix Them

Picture this, you adopted a new cat who you love and adore,…

Introducing A New Cat To Your Home

Introducing A New Cat To Your Home First, congratulations…

A year of couch cuddles and adventures with Hattie

We're coming up on one year with Hattie (formerly Penelope),…

How To Be A Good Neighbor (With A Dog)

The Animal Adoption Center values responsibility and respect within the Jackson community, especially at dog friendly communal spaces. Our goal is to keep Jackson the dog heaven that it is!

Miles Adoption!

The first time I met Miles was in March, 2013, during my spring break from college. We instantly bonded as he purred and kneaded my lap. He had been surrendered to the AAC because one of his owners was allergic to cats.

Lumpy Love

Early summer of last year I was casually looking at Petfinder (mostly for dogs) and favorited Lumpy because her pic + name made her seem so pitiful. In January, thanks to my neighbor, I found out Lumpy was STILL at the shelter.

Adoption is the only way to go!

We have adopted two dogs and four cats from AAC over the years. Six critters that have been such important parts of our lives! We know for sure that adopted animals give back many times the love they receive. Please think adoption!

Dakota, Our Joy in Giving

The story we've heard about Dakota is that she was born under a deck in the dead of winter. When we watch her frolic in the snow, we know why she feels right at home burrowing in a snow bank, even though she seems equally as comfortable in the middle of our bed every night!

Living the “Spud” Life!

Hi.....my new name is Mocha Latte and I want to thank all my friends at AAC who helped me.  My forever home is just over the border in what my Mom calls Idaho (Victor).

Scooby Wins The Lottery

My childhood nickname was Scoob. In the spring of 2014 my husband David and I bought what we dubbed “The Scooby Van”, the perfect road-trip vehicle. Then in mid-March of that year we lost Travis, our 17-year-old border collie, the love of our lives.