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Best Buddies

Our new kitten Queso has taken a shine to our pit bull.  Every morning when the dog jumps into bed the kitten seizes her opportunity to attack his wagging tail.  He lets her chomp his tail for awhile before wrestling with her.

Squash Settling In!

Squash here, just checking in! I am loving my new home! I get to hike so much and go for walks everyday!  I am losing my squishy weight and even get to jump up with my human on the hammock now! I get chew toys, peanut butter ( but I feel like they are giving me the diet stuff!], and toys galore!

Ronnie’s New Family!

Jared and I are happy to say our family is complete when we adopted Ronnie. We go on walks on the Snake River as well as hanging out in the lakes as much as possible.

AAC in the News!

Did you know that all of the AAC dogs in our program go into a foster home EVERY night and weekend. That means the AAC organizes approximately 2,500 sleepovers a year!

Tate’s Weight Loss Journey

Hi.  My name is Tate, but most of you probably know me by my former name, Ms. Potato. You could say that I am a girl with a bit of a past as I entered "the system" after being seized during a SWAT raid on my house in Idaho.  I was taken to the Idaho Falls shelter where I did some time in gen pop before I was transported to the AAC in Jackson.

Suns Out, Tongues Out ~ Summer Happenings!

We are finally feeling like summer has arrived and that we have hopefully seen the last of the snow. Visitors from around the world have been stepping foot in the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) and families are in the market to adopt!

5 Years With Monroe!

I am celebrating 5 years with my pup Monroe! I went to the AAC on a whim (after a long time wanting a dog of my own) where one of AAC's staff asked what I was looking for in a dog.

Josie the Cajun mutt

When Josie first came to the Animal Adoption Center in September 2016, she was an absolute mess! She was brought to Wyoming via a "Dog is My CoPilot" flight from Louisiana, where disastrous flooding was causing many shelters to evacuate.

FIV: A New Outlook

Two of the Animal Adoption Center’s adoption counselors, Amanda and Jenna, recently traveled to New Orleans to attend the Humane Society of the United States annual Animal Care Expo.

10 years, 12,000 spay/neuters facilitated and counting!

In 2019 the Animal Adoption Center (AAC) celebrates its 15thAnniversary and the 10thAnniversary of Spay/Neuter Wyoming Program. Spay/Neuter Wyoming is designed to attack the root of the pet overpopulation problem through spay/neuter.


The day that I moved into my first dog-friendly home in Jackson, I didn’t waste any time. I adopted baby Otter the same day. Boxes still unpacked, feeling slightly crazed and tired, my boyfriend and I picked up Otter to start our new life, in our new space, together.

Toby – Hurricane Katrina Rescue

Since it’s the 15th Anniversary of the AAC, I felt it’s time to give a shout out to our grumpy old man Toby who’ll be 15 in December 2019.